Sunday, 25 November 2012


Here it is folks, the beginning of what will be known as Stunning Mediocrity to all you middling homosapiens roaming through cyber space. SM is here to help you through those heart wrenching and teary moments when 10th place will have to be good enough. Here to celebrate those "in-between" moments that managed to escape those sewers known as "mediocrity" that they were supposed to remain in. And, here to bring legitimate excellence, in any medium, to the front page of your monitor.

Welcome to Stunning Mediocrity- home to and a celebration of: That band you love but no one has heard of, Those times in life that deserve a "meh" but stay on your mind forever, and That girl you pulled from the bar who was 5/10- but the best lay of your life. ETC....

In a world focussed on perfection, celebrating the elite, and glorifying that which you will never have/own/experience is pushed on everyone, and becomes the only measure of success in society. Only extreme highs and lows are covered by the media. This leads to humans only thinking in black and white, good and bad, communism and democracy. If the utmost top level of success isn't reached, or you aren't currently on an elevator to the top, your values, drive, talent, and sanity are all going to be questioned. Why is differentiating yourself, and appearing "above average"such an over-riding goal in western culture? Is this constant pushing by society to be better than the next human a good thing? Why is it that we glorify entertainers, sports figures, and celebrities as being so much more than the normal human?

To tell the truth, I don't know, and probably never will. But I will ask you this: When is the last time you heard someone say--any age--, "I want to be a Janitor"? Think long and hard on that one. Go over your opinions of that profession, how professionals in that field are viewed in your society.  Above all else, think to your self, "would I do that job?"

Most folk will say no. But I will guarantee you, that the custodial services done at your school, office, or restaurant are going to have a greater effect on your own enjoyment of life than any elite and celebrated professional being shoved down your throats on the daily.

"Momma said a little will go a long way,
But these days, a "little"
is just another man with a briefcase"

Based out of E-ville, Alberta. TSM will be working in accordance with Bad Word Choice Music and be worked on from within the walls of Grant MacEwan University.

I remain,

- John F. Johansen.

Blu-Dancing in the Rain